Cost Accounting

LCCI Level 2 / Technical Specialist Level

By Laurence Kuek - Version 1.00


This resource functions as a cost accounting tutorial cum technical reference for costing topics using the LCCI syllabus as a structure.



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This course is based on the requirements of LCCI International qualifications Cost Accounting Level 2. For more information, CLICK HERE.


Course Objective


The objective of this course is to enable candidates to:

Who is this qualification / credential for?


Cost accounting is a core business skill.  Although officially LCCI designed this course for people preparing for or working in cost accounting environments, I wholly recommend it as a core skill that entrepreneurs and small business owners should have at the foundation level.


On completion you will reach the technical specialist level of competence in cost accounting. Passing this will serve as the foundation to attain the LCCI Diploma in Business Studies credential.


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Cost Accounting

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